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Frequently asked questions for Party Bus Spokane

How old must I be to rent a party bus from Party Bus Spokane?

You only need to be eighteen years of age - with valid ID and credit or debit card - to rent a party bus from us.

How do reservations and payments work?

In order to reserve - make sure that your bus is going to be available on the date and at the time that you wish - you just have to call us with as much information regarding your trip/event as you can gather and make a $200 deposit by credit or debit card. After that, the remaining balance is due to the driver in cash; at your pick-up. Alternatively, you can pay the remaining balance by credit or debit, as long as you do so with twenty-four or more hours between that payment and the time of your pick-up.

What is the minimum amount of hours that I can rent the party bus for?

We do try to stick to a six-hour minimum when it comes to our rentals but you should call us with your particulars and see what we can do for you. We have wedding packages, day packages and, we can even work around things based upon vehicle availability as well. Just like with anything else Contact Party Bus Spokane and see if our able and willing office and booking staff can assist you.

How much advance notice to I need to reserve a party bus?

Because party bus availability is based on a first-come, first-served basis, we can't give you an exact amount of time. However, we can say that a few weeks advance notice is usually your best option; especially if you are planning your rental for a Friday or a Saturday. We will always try and find a way to service you but we'd like you to have the best chance of getting the vehicle of your choice.